Blackmoran Angus

Why Blackmoran Angus?

Independent, online breed verification

Hind quarters dry aged on the bone for up to 8 days and wet aged for a further 21 days based on customer criteria

Higher level of marbling and increased tenderness due to a smaller frame and lower muscle usage

Awarded the Brio Environmental seal of approval

Packaged in signature Blackmoran Angus bags and boxes

We’re proud to say that our Blackmoran Angus beef contains all the delicious flavour that makes this breed so beloved. Famed for its marbling, the fine threads of creamy white fat interwoven throughout allows the meat to cook from within, giving the beef its superb flavour, taste and succulence.

And while this represents a happy end to the story, we strive to ensure that the Blackmoran Angus story is a happy one right from the beginning. Our relationship with our approved Blackmoran Angus producers means that we have exclusive access to some of the finest and most authentic Angus cattle in the world.

Add to this the fact that our Angus cattle are nourished on diets that are 100% natural and wholesome and you can start to understand why our Blackmoran Angus is a cut above. For it’s well known that grass fed animals, given the space and freedom to express themselves, produce excellent quality beef.

To recognise this natural process, our Blackmoran Angus has been awarded the Brio Environmental seal of approval. For more information on our environmental best practice, simply click on the Brio logo.


Utterly exquisite, special and impossible to create by artificial means. It’s the skill of the farmer who reared it and the care and precision of our butchers that produce the silken texture and succulent flavour. These are the things that merit its signature name, Blackmoran.


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